COVID-19 Resources

Early Childhood Education Resources for Families

Resources to support early childhood learning


NAEYC Week of the Young Child Activities

Zero to Three: Five Tips to Make the Most of Video Chats

"Use these five tips to help children build relationships, communicate and learn from loved ones on the screen."

Stuck at home with young kids due to the coronavirus?

Here’s what to do—and not to do.

Zero to Three: At-Home Activity Guide

"Promotes healthy development, even when you're stuck at home."

NAEYC for Families

"Find research-based resources, tips and ideas for families—from child development to reading, writing, music, math, and more!"


Great for kids video, games and printable.

Self-Care Articles

A Message from Teacher Tom

"Young children are the masters of learning from whatever life throws at them."

Helping Children Cope

From the CDC

Mindfulness Tips

Doctor's best advice for staying calm, active, productive and balanced during Coronavirus.

Hand Washing Information for Parents and Children

Talking to Children about COVID-19

Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Resource

A Parent Resource (National Association of School Psychologist)

How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

New York Times Parenting

Talking with children about Coronavirus

CDC has created guidance to help adults have conversations with children about COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Children: FAQ

CDC: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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