This document is provided to address common questions, future plans of reopening, and other relevant information during this time of quickly changing information.  The document will be updated by the Head of School as new information becomes available. New information will be presented at the top of the document.

*What is the 5 Point Plan?

Click the link below to access the Updated 5 Point Plan to Re-Open

* How will we be billed for Summer Camp?

You will be invoiced at the end of each month. You will only be billed for the days you use, if a COVID-19 related absence occurs.

* Will Virtual Clasrooms continue through Summer Camp?

We are offering a Virtual Summer Camp experience during the month of June (June 1-26). The cost is $300. The experience consists of:

  • Weekly Activity Plan (with objective and instructions)
  • Daily Circle Time Video
  • Daily Activity Video
  • Daily Zoom Interactive Circle Time
  • Parent Support Phone Calls (2x/wk. - 15 min. each)

* Will children and staff need a note from the doctor to return to school if ill?

Yes, until further notice, we will now be requiring a doctor's note for children and staff who have any COVID-19 symptoms stating they tested negative or the doctor was able to make another diagnosis.

* What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19?

We will call our local health authority and they will advise us on the proper course of action. We will then communicate that to our parents and staff.

* Why aren't teachers wearing face masks in the classroom while working with children?

Child development research indicates that children are wired to understand language by reading our facial expressions. They need to see our faces to better understand how we are feeling and what we are saying. Children have experienced stress during this time and we want the children to return to an as near normal experience as they remember.

* Will classrooms consolidate during the day?

Not at this time. During the month of June we will have the children stay in one class the entire day.

* Will children have water play during Summer Camp?

No, we are eliminating water play until further notice, including the running of our creek bed.

* How will you be handling social distancing among the children? 

In our classrooms we will use strategies to limit children in each learning center. During meal times, we will distance children by placing a chair in between them. At nap time, we will spread children out as much as possible and place them head to toe in order to reduce the potential viral spread.

* What about Summer Camp?

No updates on summer camps. We (Texas Private School Association) have asked for clarification because we know that you need to plan for these programs, but it does not seem to be immediately forthcoming. We may still be a few weeks away from clear guidance, if that fact is helpful for your planning process.

* What happens if we cancel our Summer Camp enrollment?

If you wish to withdraw from Summer Camp, please notify Gabi (gabi@stgeorges-austin.com) in writing. We are waiving all formal notifications at this time. Previously we stated we needed to know by May 15, this is no longer in effect, since we do not know when we are reopening. Once we reopen, we will reinstate the two week notification for withdrawals. Withdrawing from Summer Camp does not affect your School Year enrollment.

Currently enrolled families did not pay any deposits for summer, and tuition has not been billed, so no refunds are applicable for Summer Camp.

New families paid a $50 registration fee that will be refunded.

* What resources are St. George's using to guide decisions?

Through the Head of School's work as the President of the Austin Chapter of txaeyc, she is closely connected with Austin Public Health, United Way, Texas Workforce Child Care Services, Texas Health and Human Services, Success By 6 ATX, EGBI (Economic Business Growth Incubator), Texas Private School Association, SAES (Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools), and the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. This is a great support system that funnels information to our schools on a continual basis.

The School Board and Head of School use this information to help guide our decisions. Mayor Adler and Governor Abbott are not aligned at this time. The School Board will make a decision on Monday, May 18 who we will continue to follow.

* When you reopen will guidelines be in place for the health of our children?

Yes, a document outlining our procedures will be made available closer to the time of our reopening. The school/summer camp program will closely follow the CDC’s guidelines in conjunction with Austin Public Health for child care centers with special attention in these areas:

  • Preventing the spread of COVID-19

  • Social distancing

  • Cleaning and disinfecting

  • Drop off and pick up

  • Health screenings upon arrival

* Is there a plan and timeline to reopen?

Yes, we have every intention to reopen in June for Summer Camp, as long as these two statements from the School Board’s letter can be obtained:

  • The stay at home orders are modified

  • The ban on gatherings of more than ten people are modified

* What happened to our pre-paid May 2020 tuition?

  • For those who DID NOT pay April’s tuition. Your pre-paid May 2020 (received in May 2019) was applied to April 2020’s tuition.

  • For those who DID pay April’s tuition, we asked in an earlier email for you to notify Gabi, if you wanted a refund.

    • If you did not contact Gabi we are using your April tuition and applying it to your pre-paid May 2021 tuition that is due between May 4, 2020 - June 1, 2020.

    • If you did contact Gabi, arrangements were made per your request. Some families said they wanted to continue to pay tuition as normal.

* What if we want the school to keep the April tuition that was already paid?

Some families were able to continue their tuition payments, and therefore they have not had any months forgiven.

* What happens if we cancel our 2020-2021 School Year enrollment?

To cancel your School Year enrollment, you must provide one month’s notice in writing. Our normal cancellation policy regarding a refund of your pre-paid May tuition will be flexible and dependent on the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. If we do not reopen by September 1, then you will receive your money back.

* Do we still owe our pre-paid May 2021 tuition on May 4, 2020 per step 2 of the registration process in order to secure our spot during the 2020-2021 school year?

Yes, but we have extended the time to collect your pre-paid May 2021 tuition through June 1, 2020. Gabi will send an invoice on May 1.

* Will you furlough or lay off staff?

It is the intent of the Diocese to not lay off staff. Nor have we furloughed any staff either, and do not plan to do so at this time.

* Will the teachers continue virtual classrooms (zoom meetings, daily lesson plans, etc.)?

Yes, the teachers will continue through May 28, 2020 with virtual classrooms.

* How will you handle Pre-K graduation?

We will have some type of ceremony for our pre-k students and will notify you closer to that time.

* Was the school able to obtain a loan?

Yes, we received a PPP loan on 4/29/2020. This loan is designed to keep staff employed and will be used to cover their benefits and salary.

* If I am not happy with the current situation what is the grievance policy?

It is our hope that we can maintain all our families. We are here to provide the best care and implement the best business practices in order to keep our school. If you feel in some way we are not reaching those goals, you can contact the School Board president, Alison Poage, board_president@stgeorges-austin.com