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Educational psychology

Educational psychology has always been a love of mine. While obtaining my undergrad in Human Development and Family Studies, I became fascinated with how children learn. I was highly influenced by cognitive and developmental perspectives when studying how children learn. One of my favorite developmental psychologists was Erik Erikson, probably because I had such a passion and fascination with how children between 0-5 years grow and develop, and the role family members and caregivers play during this time of their lives.

I had already begun my practical work with young children and could directly apply and see the outcomes of not only Erikson’s theories, but also, Piaget, Vygotsky's and others. I recently ran across this article that sums up my favorite theorist and thought it might interest our parents. So often parents struggle with how to react to their child’s behaviors and I think this article gives good insight as to why it’s happening and how to help your child become a healthy and whole human being. Enjoy the read.