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The Head of School, Jerri Thompson, has 40 years of experience as an early childhood educator, administrator, trainer, and consultant. She started her work in early childhood as a teacher and then moved into the area of administration. Jerri has developed a passion for teaching adults, consulting, advocacy, and developing curriculum and assessment tools for young children. She published the Thompson’s Scope and Sequence and Assessment Companion Tools for children Birth-Kindergarten that St. George’s uses to guide teachers to develop a rich curriculum and evaluate the children on their growth and development.

Jerri is also a Master Registered Trainer through the Texas Early Childhood Development System, and a Child Care Health Consultant. She began her own training and consulting business, Through this business, she travels around Texas delivering impactful presentations for administrators and teachers in the field of Early Childhood.

Her calling to be an educator started at a young age and she is committed to helping others develop this passion for the young.

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Why is early intervention key to your child's success? With student assessments being sent home soon, I thought I'd take a minute and talk about therapy for children, and why when teachers make a recommendation, there is nothing to be alarmed or embarrassed about. It is not a reflection of parenting, nor does it need to be difficult to schedule because it can be done here at school.

After parents, we are children's biggest advocates, so teachers take the assessment process very seriously. If they see any delays in language development, motor development, or...


The Story Behind the Beinecke Building:

Bridgette Beinecke joined St. George Episcopal Church when she moved to a nearby neighborhood. She was attracted by the fact that the Church has a pre-school associated with it and has numerous other outreach ministries. She has served on the School Board and the Vestry of the Church.

She retired as a licensed architect in 2016 after a 40-year career. She has a passion for historic preservation and adaptive use of older buildings and used her skills in this area as a preservation planner and project manager for commercial and...

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A long-time vision has been fulfilled.

Back in 2014 when I arrived at St. George’s School and saw the incredible playground space I started dreaming of creating an outdoor learning environment. There was so much potential to create the type of environment I remembered growing up in. I think my tomboy side came back to life and so I put into place a vision to create an outdoor space that children would thrive in.

How do you remember playing as a young child?

Most people when answering this question have memories of playing outside (running, climbing trees, swinging,...

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Educational psychology has always been a love of mine. While obtaining my undergrad in Human Development and Family Studies, I became fascinated with how children learn. I was highly influenced by cognitive and developmental perspectives when studying how children learn. One of my favorite developmental psychologists was Erik Erikson, probably because I had such a passion and fascination with how children between 0-5 years grow and develop, and the role family members and caregivers play during this time of their lives.

I had already begun my practical work with young children and...


It's that time of year when parents of Pre-K students are wondering what the next step for their child should be - - - Kindergarten or ??? Here is a video blog I put together to hopefully give you some things to think about and direction to go, along with a list of private and public schools to investigate. The...


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