Who is Bridgette Beinecke and why is the building named after her?

The Story Behind the Beinecke Building:

Bridgette Beinecke joined St. George Episcopal Church when she moved to a nearby neighborhood. She was attracted by the fact that the Church has a pre-school associated with it and has numerous other outreach ministries. She has served on the School Board and the Vestry of the Church.

She retired as a licensed architect in 2016 after a 40-year career. She has a passion for historic preservation and adaptive use of older buildings and used her skills in this area as a preservation planner and project manager for commercial and institutional employers and clients in Alaska, Texas, and Massachusetts.

She is the widow of Walter Beinecke Jr., the mother of two sons- James and Paul Schleicher, and a new grandmother to Ben.

When she is not volunteering her time to various endeavors she enjoys water coloring, learning classical guitar, and spending time with family and friends in places of scenic beauty.

I am forever grateful for Bridgette’s experience because without her knowledge of project management, design, and architecture this building project would not have happened. She was instrumental in pushing it through all the barriers we came across and using her connections with Bartlett Cocke to get us to the finish line. So it felt only fitting to name the building after her

- Jerri

Thank you Bridgette!!