Licensing & Accreditation

Episcopal schools are characterized by their

  • Commitment to the centrality of excellence in teaching and of quality in learning,
  • Service to their own community and to their broader communities as well,
  • Belief in the values of respect and responsibility within the context of the Episcopal Church,
  • Belief in leadership and stewardship for service in the world, and
  • Inclusiveness and diversity that are foundational for educational excellence.

As an accredited school through NAEYC we submit yearly reports, have unannounced visits & every 5 years we go through the re-accreditation process which involves an on-site visit.

Our last TDFPS inspection was in August 2020. Our school is on a yearly monitoring schedule, but can be visited by a licensing representative at any time.

Our last Texas Rising Star monitoring visit was in May 2020. Our school is on a yearly monitoring schedule.

St. George's is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, recognized as a 4 star Texas Rising Star and Certified Child Care Provider, licensed through the T.D.F.P.S.

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