Meet Mr. Waffles, the unofficial t-shirt model of St. George’s. He’s working hard (or hardly working!) on getting our campus #summercamp ready! See y’all on Monday for ‘Books that Come Alive!’ . #stgeorgesatx #dogsofinstagram #outfitoftheday

St. George’s will be closed on Mon. 5/28 in celebration of Memorial Day! We hope y’all enjoy the long weekend with your friends & family. We’ll see y’all next week! . #itsgoingtobeahotone #summercelebrations #stgeorgesatx

We are feeling the love @st_georges_atx ! To all of our teachers- THANK YOU!! Your passion, creativity, patience & love for children is beautiful. We see it & we appreciate everything you do. There aren’t enough thank you’s out there to give! #teacherappreciationweek #specialpeople #fulloflove

#Repost @coffeebeantexas with @get_repost ・・・ Happy Monday! In honor of #teacherappreciationweek we’ll be highlighting teachers of the Austin community. @st_georges_atx has been serving the community for 50 years. When parents ask what makes St. George’s School stand out they hear about the close sense of community, parent involvement, and exceptional teachers. Get a $1 small beverage with faculty ID all week!

That’s right- tomorrow is May 1st & this meme never gets old! Friendly reminder, Enrollment Forms for the 18/19 school year are due tomorrow, so as soon as you’re done laughing get to the office and turn them in! #thankyou #somememesneverdie #whatdoyoumeme #stgeorgesatx

Guess what else we’re adding- Barre & Bubbles! We have 30 slots for $30 a pop to attend a one of a kind @barre3austinmueller class followed by #bubbles at @colleensaustin! May 12th at 11:15am, sign up at Knight for St. George’s or email erin.stgeorges@gmail.com to get your name on the list! #stgeorgesatx #barreandbubbles #workouttopigout

What’s inside all these envelopes?? Awesome auction items! PTF is hard at work getting the perfect packages put together. The work our parents put in to making A Knight for St. George’s a flawless event is serious business. They deserve all the praise we can give- thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! #getorganized #thatsthekey #soisasenseofhumor #knightforstgeorges #PTF #merci #gracias #danke

Another Knight for St. George’s sneak peek! @lumenkind has donated 3 months worth of #mindfulmarks to help you set intentions, remember to be present & to enjoy your journey! These temporary tattoos are included in a basket full of homemade body scrubs, essential oil rollers & more. Get your #zen on!! #stgeorgesatx #kidsafe

We’re all #workingtogether to paint boxes, heads & hands in preparation for this Friday’s big dragon slay! We’ll see y’all in Kleberg Hall at 9am to see our Explorers get knighted & to slay the dragon! . #stgeorgesatx #slayingofthedragon #slaylikebeyoncé #allday #worktogetherwednesday

One of the highlights for a Knight for St. George’s is always heads or tails. This year we’re playing for a @yeti booze bucket! (Picture this sweet YETI + accessories, filled with more booze than you can say grace over!) A perfect treat to welcome warmer weather! Get ready... which side will you pick?! #heads 🙉or #tails🐒 . . Sunday, April 22 (6-9pm) at @colleensaustin #seeyallthere

Who’s excited for this one?! An overnight experience for 6 people at the @mcdonald_observatory including tickets to a star party!! Nothing will take your breath away quite like that big West Texas sky! #thestarsatnight #arebigandbright 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻#deepintheheartoftexas

It’s almost here- get your tickets today to this year’s Knight for St. George’s!! Sun. 4/22, 6-9pm @colleensaustin! You can purchase your tickets, sponsor a teacher’s experience at the event or donate to the cause by visiting: www.atxgive.org/stgeorge/knight - We look forward to seeing y’all there! . Huge THANK YOU to @kdwolfey for making our invitations! . #stgeorgesatx #eastaustinpreschool #playgroundupgrades #auctionlife #thiswillbesomuchfun

Here’s another Knight for St. George’s #sneakpeek! @austineatsfoodtours has generously donated 2 passes to one of their famous Austin tours. Winner gets to pick one of these 3 packages; East Austin Happy Hour, Brunch & BBQ, South Congress or the Best of Austin- Food Truck Edition! Get ready for Sun. 4/22, 6pm @colleensaustin #comehungry #grubadubdub #stgeorgesatx #eastaustinpreschool

It’s that time again! Join us this Wed. 4/4 @ 8am in Kleberg Hall for April’s PTF meeting. Knight for St. George’s is right around the corner and you never know what you’ll get volunteered for if you’re not there to sign yourself up! . #stgeorgesatx #ptf #feeformissingameeting

A little #knightforstgeorges sneak peek! Dinner for 2 (drinks included) at one of Austin’s most classic restaurants! @chuysrestaurant @shadygroverestaurant Mark your calendars, the celebration will be Sunday, April 22nd at @colleensaustin! Invitations will be in the mail this week- stay tuned for more previews of goods for our live and silent auction! #stgeorgesatx #eastaustinpreschool #eatupbuttercup #seeyallthere

See y’all on the big playground at 5pm tonight for our Spring semester family picnic! We can’t wait to show off our dry creek bed and hang out in the sun! Don’t forget- @konaice will be here, too! #stgeorgesatx #familypicnic #playgroundplay #eastaustinpreschool

The things we even do on Saturdays for these smiles! It was a perfect sun shining kind of day for Knight for St. George’s auction prep- get ready for some seriously precious classroom auction items! #paintersnation #fueledbythebest #liveauction #stgeorgesatx #eastaustinpreschool #parentvolunteers

We’re taking some tips from this cool kid on getting Spring Break ready! We’ll see a few of our friends next week during camp (Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm). No matter what you’re doing for Spring Break, just remember to be cool like Addy! #springbreak2018 #soakupthesun #becool #letthegoodtimesroll #stgeorgesatx #eastaustinpreschool

We did it!! There’s no surprise that our St. George’s community surpassed our #pastaforpennies $1200 goal by earning $2704.70!!! And Mr. Tyler stuck to his word letting all the #busybees get a swipe with the buzzer to shave that beard OFF! Way to go, #stgeorgesatx! #familyfundraising #teachthemyoung #lls #leukemiaandlymphomasociety #eastaustinpreschool #babyface

This Wednesday is March PTF meeting day! If you’re a fan of puzzles (AKA putting together furniture for Knight for St. George’s), be sure to join us in Kleberg Hall from 8-9am! There’s nothing like the instant gratification of a project completed! #stgeorgesatx #eastaustinpreschool #parentteacherfriends #handsonproject #freeearlybirds

St. George’s parents sure know how to have a night out! Thanks to everyone who came and to Ms. Cindy and her #girlscouts for watching the little ones. We’ll do it again soon! #warmupforknightforstgeorges #stgeorgesatx #parentsnightout @barrelofun took real good care of us!

You still have time to lock down a babysitter for this Friday night to join us for Parent & Teacher night out at @barrelofun in Mueller! We’ll be there from 7-9pm (Rumor has it there will be karaoke if you stay a little late... 🎤🎫🤦🏼‍♀️) See y’all there! #stgeorgesatx #parentteacherfriends #eastaustinpreschool #leavethekidsathome #withasitterofcourse #singyourheartout

Looking for something to do tonight? We’ve got your plans covered! Dinner @chipotlemexicangrill in Mueller - tell them you’re ‘eating for LLS’ and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to St. George’s #pastaforpennies Fund! The head over to @kendrascott on N. Lamar for sips & sweets. 20% of all sales will be donated back to St. George’s! #treatyourself #treatyourtummy #dogood #stgeorgesatx #eastaustinpreschool

Have dinner plans tomorrow? Chipotle is partnering with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society next Thursday, February 22nd and will give 50% of the proceeds from anyone that says they are eating for LLS to St. George’s Pasta for Pennies donation fund! Our special Chipotle is in Mueller- 1201 Barbara Jordan Blvd., Suite 1300 Austin, TX 78723. Share with your friends, family & don’t forget to say: I’m eating for LLS! #leukemiaandlymphomasociety #pastaforpennies #stgeorgesatx #eattingforLLS

Teachers were busy at work yesterday, with both parent conferences and with making these cool new math & science activities for the kiddos to play with! As always- you blow us away, teachers! Thank you for all of your creativity & hard work! #stgeorgesatx #eastaustinpreschool #learningthroughplay #naeycaccredited #mathandscience @ St. George's Episcopal School

You’ve probably figured it out by now- but it’s me, Ms. Erin, I’m the wit behind your #stgeorgesatx IG posts! Here I am with my mom (who I clearly get my flair for big accessories & even bigger smiles from) at a @willienelsonofficial New Year’s concert. Have I ever met a random celebrity? You bet I have- last summer I was invited to a pool party at Tom Green’s house in LA. He spent the whole evening with a parrot on his shoulders. (And they both sang that song he sings.) My karaoke go to song? ‘Hold On’ by Wilson Phillips. I haven’t actually tried it out yet... but I’m planning on giving it a test run at @barrelofun for our next Parents Night Out event. What’s my nickname? Take your pick: Ernie, Ern, E, Toots, Tootie & Miss Priss. (I can’t figure why with that last one... 😇) Being part of St. George’s has been one of my greatest gifts- I LOVE our sweet school and I am so proud of the community that we have all built together. Thank you for reading all my emails, getting paper work turned in & paying your bills!! #yallreallydontwanttohearmesing #longlivetomgreen #ilovemymom #ilovemyjob #stgeorgesatx #eastaustinpreschool

The @coffeebeantexas hooked us up!! Not only with coffee from their #brightfuture campaign, but with love letters filled with encouragement & praise for all of the hard work our teachers do every single day. We are beyond grateful and plan on drinking every cup! THANK YOU!!! #teachersrule #dogoodwork #youareappreciated #welovecoffee #teacherswhodrinkcoffee #coffeecoffeecoffee #stgeorgesatx #eastaustinpreschool

PTF time & a call for action to help with our greatest fundraiser of the year- A Knight for St. George’s! We’ll be discussing details this Wednesday morning for the live & silent auction, brainstorming new creative ways to raise funds & assigning projects for classrooms. We need your help! And don’t forget- free Early Birds! See y’all there! #stgeorgesatx #eastaustinpreschool #PTF #fundraisinggoals

Everybody loves Ms. Rita! The first concert Ms. Rita ever went to was with a group of friends to see Prince, before he became ‘The Artist Formally Known as Prince’. Her first job was at Pizza Hut. Which inspired her & her best friend to open up their own pizza place one day. (We love pizza, but we’re sure glad you became a teacher instead!) What’s Ms. Rita’s greatest dream? For her son Jalen, our favorite auctioneer, to graduate college. #1yeardown #3moretogo! You are such a strong part of our #stgeorgesatx family and we’re grateful for everything you do, Ms. Rita! #teacherspotlight #pizzapizza #eastaustinpreschool

Have any friends or family in need of exceptional early childhood education in Austin, TX? We’ll be hosting 2 Open Houses this week for prospective parents; Tuesday, Jan. 30 (9-10am) and Wednesday, Jan. 31 (5:30-6:30pm), both sessions will be held on campus in Kleberg Hall. We’ll go over our school’s mission, the enrollment process & take a tour of the school. Feel free to pass along the info! #stgeorgesatx #eastaustinpreschool #excellenceineducation #openhouse

Well look at these #cuties! It’s Ms. Crystal, Assistant Director Extraordinaire, and her big sister who she “always looked up to... but not literally... she’s short!” What’s her family’s most bizarre tradition? The first cut of a birthday cake is from any spot and in any shape the honoree desires! Get this- SHE’S NEVER SEEN STAR WARS!!! Ms. Crystal is also obsessed with crime stories & murder mysteries- so much so that she changed her Waze app to speak to her in the voice of Keith Morrison, the correspondent for Dateline. Ms. Crystal- you keep things exciting for us here at St. George’s! Thank you for teaching us new things, making us laugh and solving all our campus mysteries! #butshecanteverfindherkeys #stgeorgesatx #teacherspotlight #eastaustinpreschool #letthemeatcake