Blue Room

3 1/2 - 4


It is the goal of The School to provide the building blocks of learning that will enhance children’s success in elementary school and beyond. Our curriculum is designed to create a safe environment in which the child can learn through exploration and experimentation. Through a multi-sensory, hands-on approach, children are introduced to language development, pre-reading concepts, early math and science concepts, pre-writing and fine motor activities, developmentally appropriate social studies units, technology, art, large muscle activities, and 16 music. These concepts are taught through classroom learning centers that utilize play as the basis of developmentally appropriate practice. Children are introduced to concepts as they show readiness, and all activities are designed with the child’s individual needs in mind. Instilling a love of learning and a joyful attitude toward school are paramount goals of the curriculum.

Blue Room Daily Schedule

Sample Blue Room Lesson Plan

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