3 Steps to Register -  General Information

  • Registration is online and prioritized according to each family's current enrollment status. Applications are time stamped and will be processed according to first come, first serve.

  • Currently enrolled families will have access to pay the enrollment fee online while completing the application.

  • Enrollment fees are $190 (Current Families) $295 (New Families) This fee is non-refundable.

  • All other families, within 24 hrs. of registering, will be emailed an invoice, after the office confirms your placement. The enrollment fees are due by the end of that business day (5:30 PM). Once the enrollment fee is paid, your child’s placement for Step 1 (see below) is secure.

  • If you miss your registration day, please call the office for further instructions.

  • If the school is unable to place your child, you will have the option to pay the waitlist fee ($75).

  • Information about Summer Camp programming can be found on our website. Summer registration for current families begins Feb. 26, 2024, and for community, March 4, 2024.


Step 1 – Online Registration and Payment of Enrollment Fee

An email invitation will be sent the day before your time to register with a link (except for the "Community at Large" group. You will access your link below). The links below are active on your priority registration day between 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Priority Day List and Link:

February 19 Currently Enrolled Early Bird and/or Fun Zone Families

February 20 Currently Enrolled Families

February 21 Siblings of Currently Enrolled Families

February 21 Church Parishioners

February 22 Current Waitlisted Applicants

February 23 Community at Large

Step 2 Enrollment Form is Returned and Payment of Last Month’s Tuition Deposit Due by May 1, 2024

All families, completing Step 1, will receive an email, one week before May 1, with a link to the Enrollment Form and an invoice for the last month’s deposit. The enrollment form and tuition must be turned in by May 1, along with a parent/guardian picture (individual selfie).

Information and payment must be complete or paperwork will be returned and your spot is not secure.

Step 3 Remaining Enrollment Paperwork and Payment of Supply Fee Due by July 15, 2024

All families, completing Step 2, will receive an email with a link to all the forms and an invoice for the supply fee. Once all of the forms and fees are submitted your placement at the school is secure.

Supply fees Full time (M-F) $215 Part time (MWF or TTh) $190

Medical Report Forms and Immunization Records The Medical Report Form must be signed by your child’s physician. Your child may not start school without a current Medical Report Form and immunization record on file. This applies to both returning & new families.

Confidential Information Form is a valuable piece of information for our teachers to prepare for receiving your child. This collection of information helps teachers plan their environment and connect with your family and child. A selfie of your child/ren is also due.

Parent Acknowledgment Forms The Family Handbook can be found on our website under parent information and is linked on the form. The Discipline and Guidance Policy is an acknowledgement of our guidelines on how we discipline and guide children using positive methods. Parental Right Acknowledgement outlines your rights as parents and the Water Acknowlegdement gives permission for water play.

For More Information on availability and registration:

email or call 512-452-6063